For attaching the leather to the boards of the case, we have decided to use rabbit hide glue. It is somewhat more likely that the original glue would have been made by processing parchment scraps, making hide glue of some sort. Many types of animal were used for making parchment and glue, though rabbit is less likely than cow or sheep. Rabbit hide glue has been preferred by painters and violin makers for many years in history, many still using it exclusively. In the seventh century, there were rabbits present throughout what is now the U.K., if not with the population of modern times, and it seems likely to me that they would have made use of their little bodies. Rabbit hide glue was the only glue available that did not necessitate the purchasing of a very large quantity. It was purchased at Island Blue, where there is a man working that thinks I am sweet. He is allergic to bananas.

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