As the Illumination Process Comes to an End

The illumination of one full-page image and one page of text is nearing an end. Yes, the goal was three and it has again been edited down to fit into the time line. Many challenges and interesting observations were made during the process.

These include:

  • Creating straight lines with the ink was particularly hard. Lines have to be made free hand, as using a ruler smudges the ink.
  • Keeping the ink a consistent thickness takes lots of practice. For this reason, thin lines had to be eliminated as they blended into each other.
  • Ink and paints are very runny and require a flat surface to avoid pooling of colours.
  • Dry time for the black ink is short, however the paints can take close to an hour depending on how heavy they were applied.
  • Ideally, the page should be completed in sections to avoid smudging the ink as it dries. Smudging is a major issue and once done can not be fixed.


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